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The Digital Transformation of Building and Construction

Connecting All People, Processes, Data

MTWO is a cloud-based 5D BIM construction management solution for contractors, developers, and owners – one centralized platform for all stakeholders to collaborate at every phase of the building process. When you put all your people, processes, and data in one place, you streamline project workflows, facilitate crucial communication, and maximize productivity at every turn.

5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management
Total Collaboration at Every Level
Data-Driven Decision Making
Automation & Artificial Intelligence

According to Microsoft

“RIB… has connected so many happy customers over the years with their deep industry know-how and their existing solution. [With all the technologies Microsoft has invested in,] our commitment is to bring our expertise to MTWO. We believe it is a very good combination. I don't see any other industry players or competitors coming anywhere close.”

Robert Helgerth

Vice President, Microsoft OCP Asia

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